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The SDK exposes a simplified public API. It is broken down by service. The only publicly exposed services in this assembly are:
  • WowCharacterProfileService
  • WowAuctionHouseService
  • WowItemService


Set API Key

I suggest placing this line somewhere like AppStart or Main()
BnSystem.ApiKey = "<your key here>";

Get Character Info

public async Task<WowCharacter> GetCharacterInformationAsync(string realm, string characterName)
	WowCharacter character = await WowCharacterService.GetCharacterAsync(realm, characterName);
	return character;

Get Item Details

public async Task<ItemDetail> GetItemDetailAsync(int itemId)
	ItemDetail itemDetail = await WowItemService.GetItemDetail(itemId);
	return itemDetail;

Get Auction House Status

public async Task<AuctionHouseFileCollection> GetAuctionHouseStatusAsync(string realm)
	AuctionHouseFileCollection auctionHouseStatus = await WowAuctionHouseService.GetAuctionHouseFilesAsync(realm);
	return auctionHouseStatus;

Get Auction House Listings (json)

public async Task<string> GetAuctionHouseJsonAsync(string realm)
	string listing = await WowAuctionHouseService.GetAuctionHouseItemsJsonAsync(realm);
	return listing;

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